Dell or Toshiba

    What is the more reliable/best-lasting/least likely to encounter problems manufacturer for a Laptop?



    I've had a Toshiba for 4 years with NO problems at all! My dad has had a Toshiba for 5 years with no problems and only recently replaced it as the hinge is starting to go (has been used alot!). Both my housemates have bought Toshiba laptops in the last couple of months and think they are superb!
    Have not had much experience with Dell so cannot really comment, but can highley recommend Toshiba.

    Deffinately TOSHIBA, had a dell and it was rubbish! I'm selling a TOSH now as i have 2 and sadly need to part with one so i can pay for my cruise next yr, I can give you all the info if you wish or check it out, it's listed under the for sale/trade listing. :thumbsup:

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    Cheers for you help chaps...could you spare a min and have a look at my other question here; check the specks etc and if it is relatviely good value for money given the urgency of needing one asap…ion


    I've had both Dell and Tosh & would def recommend Toshiba :thumbsup:

    Had a quick look-looks fine for it's purpose (uni work).

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    Thanks for looking! Which one sorry, the Toshiba one (L300 - 18D)?

    Just buy mine, better than them all for an extra £50 lets say! :-D

    I have a toshiba laptop, satellite A215. Its quality. Wouldnt buy a dell over a toshiba anyday.
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