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    If I decide I can get a better deal should I just refuse delivery on Monday or should I accept delivery and contact them for a collection?

    How does it usually work?



    You can set a whole pc up. use it. and ring them up 6 days later to collect it.

    You have 7day money back guarenteei believe.

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    Is there not like an open box charge or something if there is nothing actually wrong with it?

    Nope I dont think

    Just say its not as good as you expected
    DXX may be able to confirm for me - drop him a pm

    Refuse delivery

    Well if the price has gone down since you ordered it phone up and ask for the difference back.
    If they say they can't ask to speak to the supervisor who will be able to sort it.
    If they still wont play ball tell them you are going to send it back and reorder it.

    In my experience, Dell are rather useless about this and each time I've ended up reordering it, refusing delivery when the first item arrived. When I phoned up to ask for the price difference they've offered a token refund (30 pounds last time when the price difference was 65) despite the fact I've made it clear I am going to reorder and it will cost them more in shipping. They just claimed their system wouldn't allow it...

    Make sure you get refunded the correct amount, Dell refunded the second price for me (the lower one) rather than the higher one and it took a bit of explaining before they refunded the correct amount as they insisted the refund was correct and I should contact my Visa company.

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