Dell Outlet advice - most RELIABLE laptop ?

Found 26th Aug 2010
My trusty Dell D820 has just died after 4yrs hard service (NVIDIA chipset burnt out), so I'm back to browsing on the Outlet for the first time in years.

Could anyone recommend a system, please ? I'm after longlasting reliability & cool-running, above all else, plus good build quality. Then a res of at least 1600x900 - a 17" would be nice, but 15.6 is OK. Then 4gb RAM/500gb HD.

Should I avoid the 512/1gb graphics cards, to keep running temps down and improve longterm reliability ? Not bothered about gaming or anything, mainly for Lightroom and PS. Want an office workhorse !

- Reliability-wise, is there anything to choose between the i3 and i5 ?
- Is there any significant difference in the 17xx model range ? (1745,47,49,50, etc)

Thanks in advance for any help. :-)
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Looks like it's only me then !

(Or is this in the wrong section ?)
Look in the business laptops section for model E6510 it's probably the modern equiv of of a D620.
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