Dell Outlet and their mad coupon and discounts... is there any real logic to it?

Posted 16th Jul 2021
mad scenario where my G3's keyboard is acting up but i need it daily so using a logitech K800 instead getting it repaired. AND, as the power cable needs replacing, the battery's not optimal and it's generally starting to feel like it needs an overhaul now looking at their G7s. but, literally, every item on their site seems to be discountable but you need to dig around for some of the coupons/codes. i can survive for months, if i have to but wondered if the prices are seasonally adjusted so discounts get bigger at various times or just when overstocked? there's always a 10 or 15% discount code somewhere but, as i'm told they're not stackable, anyone know if the discounts ever run to a genuine 20-25%?
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