Dell outlet Help! , Is this a good £500 laptop ?

    Hi i am looking at getting a laptop and have about £500 to spend, not in a hurry so been reading up etc and everyone seems to say the dell outlet is a good place to get a bargain........i am looking for something with a big screen around 17" and high resolution as i like to play a few games of poker at a time...........i will also use it for downloading, music etc.
    I have found the below laptop and was wondering what people thought, from what i can work out the screens resolution is 1920x1200. If anyone can let me know if this is any good or i should wait a bit longer, its a bit confusing with all the different things on there!!

    System Specification

    * Studio 1737 Pentium Dual Core T3400 (2.16GHz,667MHz,1MB)
    * Windows Vista® Home Premium;Windows Vista® Home Premium

    System Price : £502.38

    Operating System
    Windows Vista® Home Premium
    Windows Vista® Home PremiumMemory
    3072MB (1x2048 + 1X1024) 800MHz DDR2Hard Disk Drive
    250GB (5400rpm) HDCertified Refurbished
    Certified RefurbishedNoteBook Screen
    Display 17.0 Widescreen WXGA+ Truelife CCFLSystem Color
    Midnight BlueMISC
    MS Vista Premium Logo Label NB (small)
    Graphics Intel Integrated GMA 4500MHD
    Keyboard Internal UK English Qwerty
    Battery Primary 6 cell
    Network Card 1397Base
    Studio 1737 Pentium Dual Core T3400 (2.16GHz,667MHz,1MB)Media Bay

    any advice is appriciated as it gets a bit confusing with all the different specs etc and i want to make sure im getting a decent laptop for the money.


    wouldnt say its deal of the year or anything, but still good

    It is only a Pentium Dual core processor, and £500 is a lot to spend on a laptop with a Pentium dual Core CPU.

    You should expect Core 2 Duo for that price.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply's.
    Cheers SB16 they look good. Think i might hold out for a dell as i like the look of the 17.3" insperion. Just swotting up on best deals as everyone seems to say something different!!
    but lots of info on this site.........its just a case of finding it all!!
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