Dell Outlet, scratch and dent ?

Found 25th Jul 2012
Hey anyone buy a scratch and dent unit from the outlet?
What was the problem on yours, some say, only a tiny little mark, others have had serious marks on them,

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I can't vouch for the scratch and dent, but a refurb I got the Mrs looked literally brand new.
I've had 4 for the family, on most you can't tell it's anything other than brand new.

The last one, a Studio 1749, has a small (about 1 cm) scratch on the inside of the lid somewhere... I've just tried to find it and can't, it's that small...
I ordered a scratch and dent last year and it came with a few scratchs and scuffs here and there.

I then ordered a certified refurb this year which was £40 more than a scratch and dent eqivilant and it was same with small scuffs and scratches. So all I can say from my experience don't bother paying extra for a certified refurb.
Damn, missed out on a alienware 17x r3 for 680.00, ah well. I did not want to buy just in case it was marked all over.
Had a scratch/dent laptop from them about a year ago, couldn't find any scratches/dents anywhere.
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