Dell Outlet - when do they add new unit

Found 22nd Nov 2011
Just wondering if anyone knows if they tend to add new stock on a certain day/time - any help would be great!


I've seen lots of theories on when they add items to the outlet but in practice I find it can be pretty much any time having spent a long time on the outlet trying to get a certain machine

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Thanks for the feedback. Didn't get chance to check on the nose, but certainly true that there was some new stock added sometime between 3 and 6.

It probably changes. When I was looking, they came on about 10 past 3 or 4 (can't remember which)

just checked my emails and I got my confirmation email at 15:35 so I guess they came on at 15:10, and I quickly chose what I wanted and checked out within 20 mins

Due to the clock change last month, they now come on at 2.16pm
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