Dell payment :S

    I bought one of them vostros last week.

    And it's now in the hands of the courier deemed out on delivery- so it should be delivered today.

    However just checked my account and the money hasn't even been debited for it.

    Can anyone enlighten me on what to do?


    Sit and wait, I wonder if dell on charge upon confirmed delivery which I suspect.

    They do not rush to take the money, it should debit about a week after you get it.

    Original Poster

    Its just:

    Last week my account was as follows:

    Example one:

    "total balance: £305.30
    Available for withdrawl today: 0.97p" [Just worked it out, the balence is random]

    But now its at

    "total balance: £305.30
    Available for withdrawl today: £300"

    t0mm, i had same thing, when i placed order the amount disappeared from my amount to withdraw but returned the other day, the balance never changed. Dell dont charge until they get signature for item, so it could take up to a week after delivery. i had similar when i ordered speakers from goodmans, they took the money a full week after i had received them! they lucky it was still there as i always assume the money is taken upon order.

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    me too or at least dispatch

    thanks guys

    can a mod lock this thread:)
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