DELL PC Delivery service-help!

    Just wondering if anybody has had the same problems, I've recently ordered a dell PC, everythink was fine until it came to delivering the product, the courier contacted me to arrange a delivery time (Welsh Western) so I specified last friday in the morning, nothing came, no call to tell me where my delivery was

    So I contacted Welsh western via email and the lady who responded apolgised and asked when I wanted to re-arrange so I specified today, again no delivery, e-mailed them twice at 2 but no reply

    So my question is has anyone else had any problems with this frankly useless company, and if so how did they resolve it?

    Thanks in advance


    Your problem lies in your email IMO.

    Get on the phone and start making calls! It was Business Post who delivered mine (same as Walsh Western I think). I did have a few problems, but a few phone calls sorted it all out.

    I agree, I think a call is better for issues like this.

    Personally I've had no delivery issues with WW (including pickups) although I'm not sure which courier is actually responsible for the final leg up in the Highlands.

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