Dell PC Problems?

    If anyone can help me with this one it'd be much appreciated.
    I recently bought a new Dell Pc and had a few problems with Vista, long story short I reinstalled Vista with The Dell recovery disc (doesn`t seem to be a proper stand alone Vista disc) and now have 2 Vista operating systems installed.
    Is there any way I can delete the previous one I was having problems with.
    I've also got my old XP installed on another drive which seems much more reliable than the Vista!! so am tending to use that.
    One other thing, Dell seem to put 2 hard drives in, 1 with the operating system and 1 with the data and a recovery partition, this seems a clumsy way of doing things, can't I just use 1 drive for Vista and the other as storage, whilst keeping XP on the 3rd..?
    Many thanks to any replys and suggestions.


    Hi there I dont know about deleting the previous one. Surely you can unstall from the My computer section?
    I bought a Dell and had Vista installed.
    The only problems I had was with their email system which didnt work because of having Vista. So I reinstalled Microsoft outlook which works ok. I agree Vista is **** because it also has a thing where it blocks downloads if you are download stuff and the only way it works if you get untick the firewall and install other security besides McAfee. bHave the same thing of 2 hard drives..

    >doesn`t seem to be a proper stand alone Vista disc

    Microsoft stopped letting companies like Dell include the "proper" stand alone Windows disk as too many people were then installing these on other PCs.

    Now all you get is a recovery disk.

    >Dell seem to put 2 hard drives in, 1 with the operating system and 1 with the data and a recovery partition,

    My guess is your second Vista has been installed on the second hard drive.


    You need to format the hard drive before reinstalling from the Dell OS disk. I bought a new dell a couple of months ago and they do provide an OS disk (mine was brown with operating system written on it. If you didnt get one then ring dell and complain as you paid for it.
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