Dell PC with video editing Part 2

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Found 23rd Mar 2007
Righty-ho, I know I have asked this question before and had a lot of help (especially from MikeT) - but due to one-thing-and-another I didn't get round to buying my new machine. :oops:

As I'm planning to buy something within the next 1-2 weeks it would be great for an update / extra help. Budget - £500-£1000

I'm looking to buy from Dell coz I just want an out of the box jobby which does all the usual bits and bobs (no gaming needs) but also Video editing and DVD authoring/burning (from analogue and digital sources) - nothing major, hobbyist type stuff.

So based on the previous info:

[* TFT - should I opt for a 20" Ultra sharp or 20" Ultra Sharp Wide aspect?
[* Tuner card - worth getting?
[* Upgrade from 2MB to 4MB?

I already have a standalone DVD-Recorder with HD (Panasonic DMREX85) so will probably transfer any vidcam footage to that and then onto a disc for use with video editing on the pc - rather than requiring a capture card for direct transfer to PC from the vidcam.

Oh, and I'm thinking of getting that new Sky package thingie, I take it all the "modern" pcs can handle the wireless router thingie they supply for broadband?

Which of the Dell machines would be best to head towards, and what specs would be good entry level and which upgrades should I consider?

I promise that this will be the last time I ask. :friends:


Take a look at the Dimension 9200.. Upgrade affordable and reasonable stylish.
2.4 ghz core 2 duo
2 gig RAM
256 mb dedicated graphics with DVI
22" DVI monitor

Perfect for pretty much ANY application out at the mo.. and under £900 quid.

I'm with sean, I really like the 9200 series, plenty of upgrade possibilities if needed but this one is all I would think you need though of course if you have the money to spend :-)

Add a firewire card or if you want a sound card with firewire (both cheaper from other than dell)

Intel® Viiv™ Core™ 2 Duo E6300 Processor (1.86GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB)
Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium - English
Dell™ 20" Black Wide Flat Panel (E207WFP) - UK/Irish
2048MB Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz [2x1024] Memory
320GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x160GB 7200rpm drives with DataBurst™ cache]
16X DVD+/-RW Drive
256MB ATI® Radeon® X1300 Pro PCI Express graphics card
Integrated Audio with Dolby Digital 7.1 capability
Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Optical Mouse - Black
Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader
Microsoft® Works 8.0 - English


Original Poster

Thanks folks,

I don't really think I want a 22", I was thinking of upgrading the standard 20" to a 20" Ultra sharp or 20" Ultra Sharp Wide aspect?

Also, as per my original post:

Tuner card - worth getting?

Upgrade from 2MB to 4MB?


USB tuners are far cheaper.. Depends if you want to pay dells inflated prices.

2mb of what? Cache? wont make a huge differance if your reffering to allendale v conroe.
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