Dell Precision 6500 I7

Posted 21st Jul
Hi folks anyone help me out, got a dell precision 6500 i7 laptop, i've just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, and now i can't get the laptop screen to work only when i stick an external monitor on it comes up on the monitor, take the monitor away and nothing.

Please help its driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance.
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Must be the display drivers, make sure you've got the latest one for your model installed for W10
Silly question probably and I hate to state the obvious but have you tried the switch output button? (usually the FN key and one of the Function buttons)

Failing that I'd imagine that there aren't Windows 10 drivers for the 6500, if so then download the latest Win7 driver as Win10 has probably just installed a basic SVGA display driver (you can check in devmgmt.msc)
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Is it the m6500, a few years old? If so I have the i5 version, updated to windows 10 without a problem. Plug in the external monitor and have a look on device manager, does it name the graphics card under display adaptors? Or is it just a generic name? The dell drivers worked fine for me although I probably have a different graphics card to you.
I had the same with my MSI laptop and all I needed to do was search for windows 10 graphics driver and problem sorted.
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