Dell problems

Found 6th Feb
Bought this

Dell 7000

It arrived like this

The lid isn’t allingned properly at the hinges. Contacted customer support ( arrrrrrrggghhhh) deep breath. Who sent out an engineer. He arrived with a new screen? I left it with my parents to sort out for me because I’m working. He then phoned up customer service which he struggling with. A lot from what my parents said. He said to get a new unit sent as the whole chassis could be twisted. So I did. The person dealing with the fault was desperate for me to just get a refund. I could post the conversation but it has all the service tag details. It’s painful to read.

So another laptop arrives ( with another headset I should add?). It’s exactly the same!!

Ive messaged them now 4 times since Friday and not had anything back from them. On the flip side though I now have 2 laptops and 2 mix reality headsets.

I don’t think I’m the only person to have this kind of experience with dell. What should I do though? Give up and get a refund? Persist in the hope I eventually get a straight lid? Do nothing else from this point onward and make do with one of the laptops and sell the other?

I took one today to a guy who fixes laptops. He said he couldn’t fix it.

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Sounds like a whole batch of them are faulty and customer services just want to off load them back to the manufacturer. Sometimes happens in factories unfortunately. I would just go for another brand/type or wait for them to turn up on warehouse/refurb deals for a cheaper price.
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