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Found 26th Feb 2010
I wanted some advice on a current situation that I have that has been unnecessarily prolonged out.

I own a Dell Studio 1735 which I brought in Dec 2008 from Dell outlet . In Sept 2009 I brought an extended 3 years in home warranty for £132. Since July 2009 I have had my laptop sent for repair over 10 times till now which totals over 3 months of my laptop been in the repair centre including 1 home engineer visit in which he failed to fit all the screws back on properly if at all! Also when I send the laptop to the repair centre they fail to fix the problems I've quoted such as lines are going across the LCD screen which is heavily straining my eye's amongst other problems with the laptop. They also sent my laptop to the wrong address and numerous times under the wrong name, so when I go to the depot to collect it, they refuse to hand the laptop over because my ID is different to what is stated on the box! For all these hassles I received a free 16GB usb stick last year..

Now in Jan 2010 I sent my laptop back for repair as they installed the wrong part. They sent it back to me but did not replace the wrong part, and the laptop was damaged by them or in transit. The damage was dents all over the outer LCD lid and base.

I complained to Dell where they said they can replace the damaged parts again, I stated that this was not good enough as this is what they should have initially done! So they said that I can get a replacement laptop or refund of my money excluding the extended warranty charges, but if there is no alternative refurbished laptop, they will send a new one and also if the same specification is not available, then a higher spec laptop will be sent out at no extra charge. I agreed to this.

3 weeks later, start of February, I get a call from Dell's technical support, stating that customer relations couldn't find an alternative laptop, so a new one will be sent out which would be a Studio 1737 but higher spec as my spec wasn't available any more. I was asked to pay additional charge of £141 because they said the laptop was brand new and pricier then my current laptop, even though I stated that the manager had said that I didn't have too! But I ended up paying this additional charge as I just wanted my laptop back with no more hassle.

A technical member sent me the specification via email which I had to reply to confirm stating I'm happy with it. Since then I got 3 invoice emails from Dell stating when I should expect my delivery and the specification, which was different to what I agreed. I called technical support each time to be told don't worry we got the correct specification here on our system and that is what will be sent out (not the incorrect spec that had been emailed to me). I agreed to this. Due to the large number of complaint calls that I have had to make to Dell I shockingly saw that my phone bill had incurred an additional charge of £50 for phone calls to Dell as I had to use my mobile as I live at university halls. I emailed Dell's complaint department two weeks ago but didn't receive a reply.

Two days ago, 24 February 2010, I got the new laptop to find out that it was the wrong specification (it was the spec that they had emailed to me that they originally stated was the wrong one!). I called Dell, spoke to a manager and he told me, he will send an engineer out tomorrow to upgrade the missing parts, I wasn't happy with this at all. I got a call yesterday from Dell's customer relations, which seemed to be from India, to be told he can only offer the same service or refund me my money for the laptop. I didn't agree to this so he advised me he will email the legal team to contact me. The legal team called me two hours later (again someone in India) he said he was from the customer complaints and legal department. He also said the same thing, that is to have an engineer sent out or refund me for them to take the laptop back, and that Dell don't do compensation for anything, it is the customers responsibility for time, call charges and etc. I even asked if I can have an upgrade on anything on the laptop for the troubles but he said no because the laptop has already been upgraded. I asked why the wrong specification laptop was sent to me even thought I called some many times to make sure I will get the correct specification laptop, he responded saying there was a technical glitch. I then threatened to write to the newspapers, to which he responded I can but Dell will reply to them by stating that Dell were willing to send an engineer out to fix the problems.

Finally I agreed to have an engineer to come round to install the missing parts but I did mention I will do my research to try and get something back for all this hassle but he responded you won't get anything.

I just got a call from Dell today to confirm the address to which the engineer should be sent.

I asked if the parts that were missing are going to be new or refurbished, I was told he's not sure, it can be either. I then asked to speak to a manger who informs me that they can put refurbished parts in even though I paid for a new system. He said that the legal team have already sorted this out with you but I asked "are you saying that some of the parts in my new system that I received on 24 February are refurbished?", he said no but the system value is higher then my old system so they can put refurbished parts. I said well Dell sent me the wrong specification system, so if they sent the correct one then all the parts would be new, so why give me used parts when it should have been new. He didn't respond to that but I did say I paid for a new system and that I was never told that the parts will be refurbished as the system is a new order.

So I said I will go to trading standards as I been missold an laptop with prove with emails. He then said he will pass everything I said to the legal team.

That was the end of the conversion.

Today I spoke to Consumer Direct, they have told me it doesn't matter about the cost of the laptop, for a laptop which is not of quality standard and been sold a new laptop which has used parts is not acceptable and that I paid for it. I have spent over £1000 on the old laptop, extended warranty and new system.
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The advice i take from that is to take a refund as soon as one is offered

better than to deal with further running around and phone calls to chase anything else

there comes a point after a few repairs, you would think dell would just consider that unit a lemon, and put themselves forward to replace it and not expect to charge further, of course specifications change, but they also become cheaper, so for them to match or exceed the machine specs should be easy for them to offer

thank you lilraul
But I would lose the extra warranty payment I made last year which I would have to fight for.

But I would lose the extra warranty payment I made last year which I … But I would lose the extra warranty payment I made last year which I would have to fight for.

I didnt realise that, sorry


No one listens when i say don't buy a Dell

Can you name any other company that always 100 percent of the time puts the customer first?

i cant, which is why I am not loyal to any company, dell are no worse than any other, dell are large and would and do have a large amount of bad press due to their size, even if it were as low as 1 person in 10 thousand, it would add up to a lot of people, and im sure the odds are not that low!

I doubt if their percentage is worse than any other

I can say in comparison, dell fixed a computer issue, which involved changing just about the entire innards of a machine within 3 days,

But when i bought a daewoo pc 10 years ago, it took 3 months for them to replace the mainboard, an endless list of excuses there
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