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    How long does it take for quidco to track Dell?

    I ordered on the 15th, its despatched today, but still no sign from Quidco at even registering it.

    I checked the earning enquirys and it picked up me going through them at the time i purchased the laptop, so I can submit an earning enquires in 30 days.

    Just curious as to when I should see it track.



    Early days yet if it does not track within the period shown on Quidco then just raise a ticket, dcx_badass were you successful when you raised a ticket were you paid i have found quidco in all my transactions to be fair and paid out having raised tickets when required.

    Mine tracked about a day after buying and got a confirmation email from quidco the day it was sent out from china which was abt 4 days after ordering.

    Original Poster

    So delivery is around 4 days?

    sounds good xD

    Thanks for the replies, i'll have to manually raise a ticket it would appear.

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