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Found 11th Aug 2006
my dell laptop screen has just broken where shall i get it repaired.....i dropped it im ****ing gutted.:roll:
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Have you checked to see if this would be covered by your home insurance...although mine does not cover laptops some do.
Sorry to hear that.

Define broken, not lighting up or cracked or smashed.

Tell us what Model and screen size.
i dropped the bugger and it landed on the back of the screen so is absolutely mauled from the back of the screen towards the front although the front of the screen is not smashed. its basically just shattered on the inside....lots of broken glass inside it looks like, although still lighting up....model is inspiron 1300 and it is the standard widescreen.... im scared the repair job will cost almost as much as the laptop did itself !!!! damn me and my cumbersome hands ! do you have any advice Mike ???

not sure about insurance....would rather not claim as there is likely an excess and ill only end up paying through the nose in higher monthlys too....
So its a 14" screen and not the 15.4" one?

I will ask someone who does dell part how much for one...its not gonna be cheap though...
I've had laptop screens develop a fault in 3 different Dell laptops (only one of which I dropped)

The first laptop got replaced because it was covered under our home insurance.

The second laptop was under 3 year warranty so they came and replaced the LCD on-site.

As for my third one, I bought a cheap 2nd hand screen from ebay for about £100 and replaced it myself. Dell quoted me £350 to do it. I would say go down this route - buying a new screen and getting someone to fit it for you will cost over £200. Dell screens are very easy to change yourself, and the instructions are readily available if you google them. You can just open it up and take off the screen yourself - it's pretty obvious.

PS Dell offer a 3 year on-site repair warranty which you can purchase even if your computer is out of warranty, as long as you purchase it within 2 years of buying your computer. It costs about £200, but it is much cheaper than paying them £350 to replace a laptop screen.
hmm actually its probably the 15.4" one...

hmm actually its probably the 15.4" one...

Its best then if you just PM me the tag number so I can check for sure before I get a quote for you.
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