Found 20th Jul 2008
hi guys
I got a laptop last week, a dell 1525. It was the best for what I could afford.
The reviews were great EXCEPT for the sound.
After using it for a week I realise the sound is not good really.
So my question is (being useless at computers)
Can I improve the sound with external speakers?
Do I need to buy like a good soundcard?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
It doesnt help that I usually like to have my films & tv shows blasting my eardrums on the highest setting!


whats the sound issue? is it a funny noise in the background? If so my vostro 1500 was the same an upgrade on the bios firmware sorted the issue, if its just general poor quality due to the speakers then i use one of these…625 it has a really good range on it too (around the house and walls are no problem either) so as all my music is on my laptop this is an easy way to connect my laptop wirelessly to my stereo with no audible quality loss (and yesterday I realised my neighbour had tuned in thinking it was a new station!)

If it sounds good through headphones, it'll sound good through external speakers.

Original Poster

Thanks guys!

I had an older dell and the sound was ace, I could blast it and there was no sound deterioation.

On my newer one it doesnt go very high at all. Also the music sounds almost "tinny"
I will try my headphones later, when I get home.

Anyone else any ideas?:santa:
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