Dell Streak Anyone?

    Currently thinking about getting the Dell Streak. Does anyone have one?

    If so, what do you think of it? Also is the camera any good? I have a Hero just now and the thing that annoys me the most about it is the rubbish camera so hoping my next phone has a good one!

    Thought about Desire but I want something different :-)


    How about a Samsung Galaxy S?
    5mp camera is pretty good! (no flash however)
    It has a sweep panorama function too!

    Bykergrove's got a fairly big thread on them, do a search and it should come up. It includes pics comparing to to a PSP and a werewolf, which is neat.

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    Haha, will do Dxx!

    I thought about the Samsung Galaxy S but don't like how plasticky it feels plus I hate having no flash after not having a flash on my Hero!


    Looool thanks dxx! I think the werewolf comparison is essential when buying a device of this size dcx - because it's so slim it just slips into your pocket. Doesn't feel big at all. But the screen realestate is a real asset when reading feeds or surfing the web.

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    I read a review saying that the browsing is very laggy. Only in this one review though so anyone can confirm its not?

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    Cheers Porter. Might run out at lunchtime to grab one then


    Phew!! Seen Dell streak and thought you were going to do a streak through City Park oO

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    the porter

    Get one of ebay mate they are going for under £ 300 brand new

    Probably get it through the O2 shop cos I can get 30% off line rental which will bring it down to £505 over 18 months for the Dell Streak plus 600 mins, unlimited text and 1gb internet.
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