Dell Studio laptop - Best deal from £350-£500 for uni wanted!

Found 15th Aug 2008
Hey guys.

I've finally decided that I'd like a Studio laptop from Dell, but having failed to see a red hot MikeT deal as of late, I thought I'd stick a request here to see if anyone could see a brilliant deal on the site.

I'm reluctant to just choose a deal from the site as it seems you can normally get it cheaper through different means.

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hope that helps!

Studio starts at £499 for a core 2, but heres some codes from the Dell site

Studio 15
money off: £50 (Inc vat)
£50 (Inc vat)
£60 (Inc vat)
£60 (Inc vat)
valid until 28.08.08
Well, I was looking for a decent deal for the last 3 weeks and finally gave up on Dell to get an Acer 5920G (play.com/PC/…b=0) refurbished for 379. They can be had new from Amazon for 449. As far as value goes, the Acer has pretty much everything that the Studios have and a bit better. T7300 with the extra on-die cache will perform a lot better. The 8600M GS is a bit better graphics card and it included wireless-n, rather than just a/b/g if I recall correctly. The only thing it really didn't have which the Studio does, other than the Dell name, is bluetooth, but that's only standard on the 499 quid setup for the Studios. Also, the 5920G was meant to be a performance machine, so the general parts should be better quality; just a little bit older styles. If you want, ping me and I'll let you know my impression of the unit after it arrives tomorrow.

Best of luck on your hunt, whatever you end up with.
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