Dell swap out / replacement procedure - confused ??????

Found 3rd Nov 2008
Recently bought a Dell peripheral & when it arrived it was slightly cosmetically damaged - Doesnt affect functionality but shouldnt happen with a new product.

Called Dell & they arranged for a replacement to be sent.

Thing is when the replacement arrived I was all prepared for a "swap out" type scenario but delivery bloke said it was just delivery of new item only.

Is this normal as I`m now sitting with 2 bits of kit in the house??

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Normally they phone you a day after to check you have received then arrange collection of the other one.

sometimes tho, they dont bother collecting.

You probably don't have to return it. It depends on the size etc.

Can I be nosey and ask what the piece of kit was?

Original Poster

Twas a monitor.

I would be surprised if they do not look for the faulty one sent back. I would contact them just to be sure because you don't want to end up getting a bill further down the line.

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I'll wait for them to contact me & if they havent in a day or 2 I'll check with them.

I wouldn't say anything. If they ask for anything you can always send it back.

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Now theres a thought..........................

Unfortunately Dell were in touch today :-)
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