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Found 10th Sep 2017
Sorry for posting this here as the "Ask Section" is not letting me post anything.

I have Dell T5500 12GB Ram, 2GB AMD Fire pro V5900 and 500 HDD.
Everything was working fine until there were some lines on LED, I was told it might be due to graphic card not sitting proper so took it out and put it back in, all were good for a little while and same thing again. I changed slot and same thing happened and after this there was no display at all.
I read on one of the forums to reset CMOS jumper so I took Password jumper, CMOS jumper and battery out one by one and tried turning the system on. But system is not even turning on anymore, no fan spinning but motherboard lights up. I also tried to short two pins where the CMOS jumper goes still no luck.
If i remove CMOS jumper and plug my system, all the fans including graphic card one start spinning but no display
Ready to answer if someone wants to know little more.

Edit: LED monitor has been tested and it is giving display through my laptop.
The PSU seems fine too, there is a little button at the back of PSU if I press that, fan on motherboard, graphic card and PSU start spinning and mother board lights comes up as well. Issue is that when I press power button it does nothing and if I remove CMOS jumper and plug the power cable all fans start spinning but no display!!
Could someone please guide me.
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I'd try another graphics card to troubleshoot first if possible. If card is ok then it looks like a sys board issue.
Did you power off the PC off at the wall when swapping PCI slots ? Also have you tried decoding BIOS bleeps and lights to see what they report ?…=en

If you have a dead GPU there's a cheap V7900 on ebay at the moment but you will need a display port to HDMI I assume.…maS

Hope this helps
Whenever I plug in there is an orange light on motherboard and that's it.

I did put another graphic card but still still not powering on.

I might have shortcut the motherboard but it still turns on (i mean fans spinning when I plug in without CMOS jumper).
Shall I replace the motherboard as an easy fix???
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