Dell UK Sales number??

    Hello there

    Just about to order a Dell laptop, but wondered if anyone was aware of a dedicated UK sales number I could contact, to get a little help with a couple of upgrades, and of course to explore any possible free upgrades I could get flung into the deal!!

    Have read on here that there are several "helpful" contacts within their sales team and several that are not quite so accommodating. Would also rather speak to a UK call centre, if one were available (personal preference)

    Any info would be appreciated!


    [SIZE=2]All call centres in India unfortunately.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Type in Dell and try any of the numbers at the top and they'll put you through:[/SIZE]


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    God damn these corporate giants!!

    Well, options look to be severely restricted, so fingers crossed I get lucky when I make the call.........

    Although the call centre is in India they do also have some Ireland based sales people, I used to deal with someone there who was very "competitive" with his pricing, unfortunately he's no longer in sales now

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    Assume it's your donald duck where you end up then, as all the sales numbers seem to be the same? Or, are there any numbers specific to their Ireland offices?

    I only ever had a direct line for the bloke I dealt with there unfortunately
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