Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP

    I have been shopping around for a new monitor and think I have finally made a decision.
    The cheapest I have found this monitor for is £381 from Overclockers, which is stretching my budget. Has anyone seen this monitor at a better price?
    Thanks to anyone in advance for any help.


    Original Poster

    Thanks for that, I actually spotted that deal at PcBuyit, just after I posted yesterday.
    I resisted the urge to upgrade to the 27" version, currently on offer on the Dell website, for around £50 more. Ordered one from PcBuyit straight away and Im expecting it today!
    I was very happy until I saw the post this morning, stating that the 27" on dell is actually checking out at £395 delivered (only £8 more than I just paid :x
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