Dell Upgrades: The mighty Vostro 200 supports 45nm dual core

    I've recently purchased one of the Vostro 200 deals posted by the main man, MikeT. To be exact I got the £181 one which had a duo core E2200 (I think). Anyways I wanted to post some advice for some people add point out some interesting info I've dug up with regards to upgrades:

    Numero Uno: The Graphics Card
    This is the bit where I'm struggling. It looks like the Vostro 200 Mobo can support around a bout a 30W Gfx card, and that the card is a PCI-Express. I got this from looking at the Dell site and what they ship them with and then looking up the power consumption from this site:…354

    If anyone can suggest a suitable GFx card that might fit the requirements of this that would be suitable would be excellent. Otherwise, I guess I'm gonna have to take a wild guess. The Dell PSU is 300W. Does this help? I don't know.

    Numero.... Two
    This is the cool bit. Apparently Dell have recently updated the bios on the Vostro 200 (version 1.0.10). For those looking for a cheap system to upgrade, this is a boon as it allows you to upgrade to the most recent Dual Cores on the market: the 45nm ones. I think that these ones are the E8xx range. This is pretty sweet as, apart from the Gfx, which I'm not too sure about, the rest of the system is pretty mint and should be an ideal base for upgrades. The only downside: No Quad-core support for the Vostro 200.

    Basically I just wanted to help anyone here who is looking for info on a good system to build from. Hope this helps

    Regards, Koomb



    See, something like this would be a massive help to lots of people, a thread with information like this so you can skip taking dells overpriced upgrades and source them yourself at a fraction of the cost.

    Dunno about graphics cards though, however mine happily runs an 8600GT with an extra optical drive as well!

    thanks for this. Just updated my bios. How difficult is it to add new procs though.... happily add and remove most bits of hardware but never gone this far. Poss for a novice?

    p.s. my vostro 200 MT is one of the ones from an earlier deal - about 7 months ago. Same system or different, and how to find out?

    You can change the power supply quite easily on the 200

    Does the vostro 200 definetely accept a E8xxx processor? Cheers
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