Dell Vostro 1000 help

    okay recieved my vostro today... quite impressed. but theres no ps2 port for a mouse? ...


    So buy a USB mouse :thumbsup:

    Most laptops have not had PS/2 ports for a few years now, as mentioned above USB is the way to go.


    Hi, so does this not come with a mouse then? Just I'd like to know as I'm awaiting my order and will need to buy a mouse if that's the case.

    They don't normally come with one, occasionally I've had one bundled with the laptop (no idea why) although nothing fancy. A reasonable optical mouse is not expensive and they're handy to have anyway,


    Don't tend to come with a mouse, because they have the inbuilt touchpad thingy your meant to use for portability.

    None of my Dell laptops have come with mice, nor any other laptop that I know of. And as for ps2 port, that's so 1990's

    PS2 mouse/keyboard ports originated with the IBM PS2/50 PC generation back in the mid/late 80's, :thinking: so it's about at the end of it life for new configurations, as previous posts mentioned USB is now the norm. :thumbsup:
    Why would you want a mouse with a laptop? :?:perhaps I know! I was of a similar dispostion many years ago when I first tried out a laptop touch pad, I didn't like these at first, but one gets used to them, I certainly wouldn't want to use a mouse now. :-D

    Depends where the laptop is sitting, if there's no room for a mouse the touchpad is fine but if it's on a desk I much prefer a mouse despite having used touchpads for years. With a touchpad you generally have to keep moving your finger (it's too small to go from one side of the screen to the other in one movement) and you only have a single tap available without moving your hand, alternatively if I use a mouse I have five buttons and a scroll immediately accessible.

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