Dell Vostro 1000 or Dell Latitude D620

Found 2nd Mar 2009

I already have the dell vostro 1000, its 1.7ghz amd athalon x2 dual core, 120gb hard drive, 2gb ram, vista business and a 15.4" screen.

Been offered a dell d620 for £200 its a core2duo 1.66ghz, 2gb ram, 80gb hdd,bluetooth,14" and an extra battery, vista business.

Im wondering if anyone has the d620, is it better then the dell vostro 1000? like is it more portable also is the process better or are they the same.
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I don't have d620 but have a vostro 1000. The build quality of 1000 feels **** compared to the quality of 1400 for example.

The d620 processor you are offered is a bit better than the vostro 1000. But less hdd space and would be good if its for business where you take it to travel since it has blue tooth and small size. If I were in a scenario of needing to sell vostro 1000 in order to buy the d620, I would not bother and just keep the 1000.
The latitude series (including D620) are built to a far higher standard as they are aimed at the corporate market. If you can get a D620 do it. We issue these and the D630 at work. We have approximately a 2% failure rate accross a three year deployed lifetime.
Ill probably buy it and sell my vostro to my mate.
Seriously. Someone ran over a D620 in their car, and it still powered on!!
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