dell vostro 1400 battery problems!

    my daughters dell vostro is less than a year old and it won't hold any charge at all. It turns off literally seconds after the plug is taken out. i know batteries don't last forever but in my experiance this shouldn't happen after less than a year surely?


    will still be under warranty contact dell cause it shouldnt be that bad in less than a year

    Do you leave the battery in all the time?

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    Do you leave the battery in all the time?

    yes but so do most people i know. as long as you treat it properly it should last longer than this. I've owned many many laptops myself and never took the battery out. none have ever performed like this.

    Return it to dell,

    I never run my laptop with the battery in. I know they are designed not to overcharge. but it still doesn't do them any good

    advisory to take out when reliant on power supply.

    still, return it

    had the same problem
    just ring them or contact throug the web sit and thay will replace the batery free of charg

    Just out of interest check the power lead connector for the laptop.

    I recently came across a similar problem with the Vostro 1700 - as soon as the power lead was taken out it turned off and the battery wouldn't charge. In addition the battery indicator on the laptop itself flashed orange & then back to blue repeatedly which indicated a 'temporary fault' with the battery.

    As it turns out the 'positive' terminal which is basically a thin wire within the circilur 'negative' enclosure of the connector had for some unknown reason become bent & wasn't connecting to the laptop properly and charging the battery, although the laptop still functioned fine with the damaged connector.

    Ended up having to buy a new power pack because upon trying to straighten the bent 'positive' terminal it dropped off ! With the replacement power pack the battery charged up fine :thumbsup:
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