Dell Vostro 1500 screen problem

    Received this last week and today when I turned it on the screen has a grey washed out look. I'm afraid I know nothing very much about computers so should I be resetting something or is there a problem? Any help appreciated.



    we had the same problem with ours. It worked fine when plugged in but running off battery only the screen goes dark and is very difficult to see. After some reading and looking around we realised that the laptop factory settings are to conserve power by running at the lowest comfortable setting. (Although I have to say it certainly wasn't comfortable for us.) In order to increase the brightness you need to press the Fn button whilst pressing the up or down arrow keys on the keyboard.
    Hope this helps.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. Turned computer on after a few hours break and it worked perfectly well again! Have made a note of your reply and if it goes funny again will try it. Thanks again.
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