Dell Vostro 1500 with Celeron cpu tests

    I recently bought a top spec Dell XPS M1530 notebook and really did get a lemon, it had a hardware fault which would cause all sorts of errors but intermittently so hard to identify. In the end I just had to return it.

    So having sent back my XPS M1530 I was looking to find something to replace it, I have a top spec Vostro 1700 but thats just too big and heavy.

    While dell were giving plenty of discount on the main site I bought a Vostro 1500 with Intel Celeron Processor M 540 (1.86 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB) with the intention of swopping the cpu for a spare 2Ghz T7200.
    I have a spare 100Gb 7200rpm hard drive so was happy to only get a cheap slower 80Gb one with it to keep the cost down.
    I selected the rest of the spec to match the M1530 as best I could.

    Celeron 540 (1.86GHz, 533, 1M)
    15.4 WXGA+ True Life (1440x900)
    Black cover Camera 2Mp
    2048 MB 667 MHz Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM (2x 1024 MB)
    Hard Drive 80GB Serial ATA (5400RPM)
    Fixed Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Drive
    90W AC Adapter - 2 wire
    Primary 6-cell 56WHr Li-Ion Battery
    256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
    European - Dell TrueMobile 355 internal Bluetooth Module
    Wireless 1390 802.11b/g Mini-PCI Card EUR
    Dell Black 5-Button Bluetooth Travel Mouse
    Genuine Windows XP Home SP2 including Media

    I have had it a few days now and thought I would see how well it performed with its celery cpu.
    Out of the box it produced 3027 with 3Dmark 06
    Farcry ran at max everything with ease.
    Crysis GPU bench produced a playable 36fps @ 1440x900 low detail
    dropping to 15fps @ 1440x900 medium detail.

    I changed the dell supplied video drivers to forceware 169.04 and tried again.

    3Dmark 06 was up now at 3161 but it only added one fps to the 2 crysis gpu tests.

    Having overclocked the graphics on the V1700 with ease and no overheating I thought I would try the same on this one, I used Atitool 0.27 and set the GPU at 600 and memory at 500.

    3Dmark 06 went to 3738 and the Crysis GPU tests showed 1440x900 Med 20fps and low gave 41fps

    Compare this against the M1530 that had T7500 2.2Ghz cpu and 8600GT with DDR3 memory running much faster.

    It gave 4329 marks in 3Dmark 06 and 2 more points on the Crysis fps.

    So the Celeron isnt doing too badly in the tests above.

    I admit it may not do so well in cpu intensive benching but for my needs I was impressed how well it did perform.


    How many dells u got...

    Original Poster


    How many dells u got...

    Far too many, though I do sell my toys on in order to buy another.

    I like to be able to where possible to give advice in the deal posts based on experience.

    good stuff. :thumbsup:

    the biggest restraint is the DDR2 GFX memory.

    budget CPUs aren't always **** !

    What programs do you use for hardware speed tests?


    What programs do you use for hardware speed tests?

    3D Mark 06
    PC Mark

    are just a few i've used before.

    Hi Mike T,

    My wife is about to order the XPS M1330 Core duo T7250 2.00GHz,800

    Is it any good and is £668


    Original Poster

    chris goodwin;1707228

    Hi Mike T,My wife is about to order the XPS M1330 Core duo T7250 … Hi Mike T,My wife is about to order the XPS M1330 Core duo T7250 2.00GHz,800Is it any good and is £668 Thanks

    They are quite popular, I would check the dell outlet before buying from the main site, their have been lots on there recently quite cheap.

    Original Poster

    I managed to get hold of a well priced Penryn cpu so I have now swopped the Celeron M540 cpu in my Vostro 1500 for a Penryn T9300 2.5Ghz (6meg cache)

    3746 3Dmark06 marks
    43fps ave in Crysis gpu bench @1440x900 low detail
    57fps ave in Crysis gpu bench @ 1024x768 low detail

    Overclocked the gpu a tad (gpu 600 memory 500) and
    4642 3Dmark06 marks
    53fps ave in Crysis gpu bench @1440x900 low detail
    72fps ave in crysis gpu bench @ 1024x768 low detail

    Running cool under load, well as much load as I can give it. Had to scrape off the nasty sticky heatsink pad dell fit and use Artic silver. Took around an hour to fit, I was being very careful as its a major strip down to get the the cpu in the Vostro.

    As I was unable to find a picture of the cpu and gpu heatsink assembly online this may help anyone considering doing the changeover.The gpu sink assembly should be removed before the cpu one as its added last and just traps the cpu sink on the outgoing side of the fan but I was a bit loath to remove it and found I could just about jiggle the cpu sink out from under it, though putting it back was a bit more of a struggle.With hindsight I might take the gpu sink off next time.
    There is also to the right of the cpu sink another chip (northbridge?) which has the tail of the cpu sink on it, I didnt replace the pad between the sink and chip but relied on the original going back in exactly the same place. If doing it again I would get some pads so I could replace this one as it did look like it wasnt making very good contact when I removed the sink so chances are its got less of a good contact now with the reused pad.

    Full sized picture on my blog pages.

    Hi Mike,

    Asked in your blog, but wondering how often you may check that. Is there a way for me to get the same deal you managed to achieve on the celeron based system ?



    all interesting. I first noticed there was that 1500 deal with the 8400 graphics here at £260.
    I posted another one myself but the one Mike bought was also posted at £330.

    The £330 laptop(old deal) that Mike confirms runs a playable Crysis got a hot of only 26.

    It was posted as 'a gaming laptop with words tat end that said "IF THERE IS ANYTHING LESS THAN £400 THAT PLAYS GAMES FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOES NOT EXIST. Please prove this wrong."

    I guess that was right although it could have maybe stated "less than £450'..
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