Found 18th Dec 2016
My Dell Vostro 270 Intel i5 3470 has a faulty motherboard.

Can I just replace the motherboard on its own? (if so what with?)

Help needed desperately.

Many thanks.

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usually branded computers have motherboard size to the standards used in self building so unless you want to modify the case so a different board you will have to replace for the same board, due to the age you will probably only find 2nd hand boards for the dell 270 luckily it is a common desktop so a few pop up on ebay. the i5 is socket lga 1155 so this board should work (…803?hash=item465a74731b:g:~E4AAOSw6DtYUAGm)

However £70 for a used board is still a fair bit for that age computer the cpu is a 2012 so its hitting my 5 year rule you got your use from that dell, maybe worth looking to buying a new one as desktops have come down a lot in price.

Another option could be to buy a standard atx board or micro atx (Difference is usually the size one allows for more graphics cards and pci cards but if you dont use many probably better off with a micro atx... now you could try and find one with a socket lga 1155 and reuse the i5 for now with a view to upgrading in the future. If you do this then make sure the motherboard has the same memory (RAM) slots as ddr3 do not work in ddr4 slots your vostro uses ddr3 memory.... also the motherboards will not fit your case so you will need a new case and psu.

Before I left working in IT repairs a few months back we started to get a few of these dells comming in with very odd issues we just put it down to the boards reaching their life after trying numerous repairs and tests. Hope this helps.

Just my opinion others are happy to offer an opinion or point out any of my mistakes.

Good luck and have a happy xmas

Original Poster

I appreciate its not the latest CPU but it has good performance even by today standards.

I just wondered if I could use any B75 or P75 chipset motherboard? or does it have to be Dell?

will have to be dell unless your happy to change the case and psu

Original Poster

I can do that, I have lots of spare parts around, I was thinking of changing the psu anyway.

So as long it is 1155 and B75 or P75 chipset it will work?

not sure the chipset matters too much obviously get the best one but make sure the cpu and ram is on the compatible list also you are looking for a 3rd gen i5 lga1155 motherboard I think that will help you find compatible boards the manufacturer website will then have a list of compatible cpu when you found a board you like

In my experience Dell cases aren't much good for re-use, either replace with the exact same model motherboard or buy another board and a new case and salvage the other parts from the Dell.

Assuming it is a 270 rather than a 270s or similar then judging by the pictures on page 25 of the owner's manual it's a standard MicroATX motherboard:…pdf

There was an infamous period 10-15 years ago where dell were using standard power supply connectors wired differently but I haven't come across that lately so as it looks standard it likely is standard.

Given the vostro is a business range that's not too surprising, serviceability is a bigger concern than size and complexity compared to home use.
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