Dell Vostro Battery

    I got a vostro1000 delivered end of july with a 6 cell battery. It was fine, lasted 3 hoursish, didnt change any settings however the past few days its been lasting 1hour 30minutes if lucky - I havent been running anything out of the ordinary

    And its also been quicker at charging Anyone have any ideas what I could do?

    Im out of 7 days return period so i dunno:(


    Ring Dell and complain........still well within the acceptable time frame for complaining about defective goods at purchase.

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    I've already complained once about Vista, And i dont wanna pay for them to come collect the battery then be without a laptop for about a week

    All electrical goods come with 1 year warrently by law?


    Dam right!

    A battery is an electrical good. So therefore if they don't give you a new battery, or give you a solution, your entitled to tell them they will be targeted by trading standards :thumbsup:

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    If they tell me they'll upgrade me what would i do with my old one?


    If they tell me they'll upgrade me what would i do with my old one?

    .......what specs?

    Don't see why they'd upgrade you. Most probably appologise for the problems and dispatch a new battery to you.

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    If its a common fault though surely i could refuse
    Because a 4 cell lasts 2 hours so that'd last longer and i'd have saved £10 if i'd have chosen that.

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    Ill email them now last time i emailed them i recieved a reply early next morning - If they havent replied by 4pm il lcall them

    Any idea what i should say to them?

    explain the problem and say ive read on the internet its a comman problem, also say u couldnt finish a project from work because of the battery problem or it took longer because of it. and then insist on the upgraded battery! or if worse comes to worse just accept the replacement.

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