Dell Vostro Battery Kaput

    My Dell Vostro 1000 is 9 months old and is now telling me it requires a new battery (6 cell).

    Does anyone know before I contact them where I stand with a claim for a new battery?

    Do you think they will replace or is it a consumable that they will wash their hands of.



    Should be covered under the warranty. They should send a replacement with a box so you can send the old one back.

    Did I read somewhere that the batteries aren't covered under the warranty..? EDIT: no, think I'm wrong on this after a quick google search.

    Make sure your BIOS is up to date. I have a Inspiron 1501 which is a Vostro 1000 and I got a similar message. Updated my BIOS and it went away But if the battery is totally dead you should be covered by the warranty, wear and tear isn't

    Batteries aren't covered under the warranty


    Batteries aren't covered under the warranty

    ah right, I did read this then..?

    when i had trouble with battery they told me to hold power button down it releases any static around battery dunno if it will help

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    :x that's just what I feared. Oh well a £300 laptop kaput after 9 months, not very good is it?:cry:

    I heard that there not covered under extended warranty but still covered under 1 year warranty although my friend had a 2 year old battery with his laptop and said to Dell that it would keep falling out so they sent a new battery.

    Well the laptop isn't kaput, just the battery. Laptop batteries do need replaced every year or so dependent on usage. If the battery develops a fault it is covered, but like mobile phones the batteries do go with use, this isn't covered.

    Oh that's an idea, I should phone them and say my battery keeps falling out and see if they'll send me a new one!! lol

    I wonder if the mods here would ever implement a rule; if you don't know what you're talking about, don't comment. Helpful as you're trying to be, it doesn't help if you're wrong about something.

    Dell policy on batteries is that they are a consumable item, just like the lamp of a projector, or the toner cartridge of a printer. For this reason, they are covered by a seperate warranty policy to the system with which they are bought, which is that they are covered to a maximum of 1 year. So, even if you have a 3 year warranty on your system, the battery's warranty lasts only a year. Or a year and two weeks, including the grace period.

    What you'll need to do now, is you'll need to phone Dell whilst you have the laptop with you. They will send you out a new battery, but they'll need you to run through some diagnostics first, just to confirm that it is the battery that's failing. Once the diags have been run through and it's been confirmed that it's only the battery that needs replaced, they'll ask for the serial number (it might be an idea to locate it whilst you're in the queue - it's the big number starting usually with CN-0 or JP-0), and they'll arrange to send out a new battery with a courier, and for him to pick the old one up. This is usually done between 9 and 5, so you might want to arrange to have the courier go out to your work address. You'll not need to take the whole laptop into work, if you do. Just the battery.

    Also, last little tip before you call them, if they ask you to do stuff you're not comfortable doing, you're entitled, in most cases, to refuse. The Minimum Diagnostics policy of your warranty demands that you run Dell's diag software and remove external parts (eg. the battery and anything plugged into a system), but further work, like anything requiring a screwdriver, swapping parts with other laptops, or reinstalling the OS, is all optional. A lot of it is usually done to fob a customer off (it shifts the onus of the call to a different agent, which can benefit the first agent in various ways). So, if you don't fancy getting your hands dirty, don't, and you'll get the new battery all the same.

    And if the guy you speak to is good, do fill in the satisfaction survey - it's how tech support gets its bonuses

    Edit: And don't lie. Just tell them that the battery's losing its charge within about half an hour, and you'll be fine.

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    Thank you very much DXX, very informative.

    I (and my wallet) feel a bit better now.

    [COLOR="Red"]Edit: And don't lie. Just tell them that the battery's losing its charge within about half an hour, and you'll be fine.[/COLOR]

    I don't have to lie about that. As soon as I unplug it the battery guage drops to around 10% and would probably die within 10 minutes.

    When I start up it comes up with your battery cannot be identified and therefore cannot be charged.

    This then changes to a pop up that sates 'your battery needs replacing'
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