Found 2nd Sep 2009
Stupid question it may be.

But im getting a new pc , a dell , with one year warranty, the question is can i open the pc up , install and freeview tuner and new graphics card without it breaking the warranty as in. If I did this , would i lose the warranty.


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It's fine to open the case, but damaging components in the Dell PC will void the warranty. So make sure you know what your doing.

Having worked in Dell technical support (in Cherrywood and Bray, both Dublin), I can confirm that it will NOT invalidate the warranty. If you do run into problems and require technical support, the technician will ask you to remoev the added components to make sure they are not the cause of the problem. Apart from that, nothing to worry about.

i have a dell
when i sent it back for repair i screwed the ******
But to make sure nothing could be said about things added i removed all the bits i had added ie tv card more ram.
So just take off anything you have added before returning.

If its going to wrong it will in the first 2 weeks

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Right so if i add hardware / componnents aslong as i take them out and see if the problem remains im ok , thanks for the help!
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