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    Hi All

    I bought a pair of Creative Headphones from Dell a few months ago which have physically failed where the headphone meets the headband.

    I contacted Dell who have basically told me that its nothing to do with them & they only offer support for third party items for 30 days & have fobbed me off to Creative.

    Dell are basically refusing to do anything about the matter.

    Its only a (relitavely) cheap item but surely its Dell I've got a contract with?

    I know that I can now approach Creative but feel that Dell are trying a fast one according to the Sale of Goods act.…tml

    Its not really a big deal but I'm not in the mood to get brushed off today.

    Any Barrack Room lawers around?


    dell ARE pulling a fast one
    your contract under sales of goods act is with the vendor in this case dell

    Original Poster

    Fired off a copy of their emails knocking me back to trading standards last night & copied in Mr Dell himself (although it probably doesnt get within 4000 miles of him) :w00t:

    Dell have now been on the phone a couple of times this morning & appear to have changed their tune.

    Shame you have to have to jump through hoops though.

    Just bugs me that Dell appear to think they can interpret the law their own way.

    they always do. really bad CS
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