Dell XPS 16 Or Dell XPS 17


    I really need some advice as to what laptop to purchase as a desktop replacement.

    I am a graphic/web designer, so I really need it to be very quick and powerful.

    I have looked and read reviews on both the XPS16 and XPS17, both sound great apart from the XPS17's screen, not being 1080p, viewing angles etc?

    It would really help if anyone can give me the plus and minuses of both?

    I was going to purchase the Acer Aspire 8943g, but then found these 2 XPS models and now I am really confused.

    Hope someone can help, I would really appreciate it

    Many Thanks


    I would do some research on the panels, I assume colour repro, screen real estate / resolution, etc ar the key things for design?

    Definately XPS 17. 3Gb graphics compared to 1Gb graphics, i7 compared to core 2 duo, it's an easy win. i7 models are 15.6" which are the models with 720p, and 16" were available with 1080p but only core 2 duo I think.

    I'm having the same problem as you, except I don't know whether to get an M1730 or XP 16

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the response

    I am just a little concerned regarding the XPS 17 and screen size, do you think this i a big problem? The XPS 16 is 1080p full.

    What do you think?

    Many Thanks

    To optimise the 1080p, i'd recommend it having a blu-ray player.

    I believe if i remember correctly, the XPS 17 has a WLED 900p screen and is a much better option.

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    I have just read that there maybe a V2 version of the XPS 17 coming out in February that has 1080p, does anyone else no anything about this?

    I just want to make the right choice before I give them my dosh…s17

    It was available in america in nov 2010, so should be available at the end of this quarter in the UK (end of february). When this happens, expect teh price of the current XPS 17 to drop by about 20%.

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    Okay, maybe I should wait then

    Would I have to buy a docking station in order to connect my 2 screens I have?
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