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Found 13th Aug 2008

I'm want to buy a Dell XPS M1530 and would be grateful if anyone knows any deals or discount codes to use on the Dell or Dell outlet site.

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i wouldnt buy one.
considering that dell is bringing the new centrrino2 laptops out soon.
the contrino2 processors are already out in things like sony,hp,acer,asus.

In a few days they will have centrino2 laptops although they have announced that they will be discontinuing the xps laptop line(m1330 and m1530) so you get a "extinct" laptop in a few weeks if you buy one
Owais, do you know what they got to replace the XPS? Any links?
they are removeing the xps line as theyhave too many laptop models and it competes with there alienware line.

they are going to have studio-xps laptops, which i will hate. as its a studio with xps specs. but i want a xps as its quick, looks nice and is cheap.
customizeing the highest end studio will make it expensive and the studio is always ugly when its that big and made of plastic.
Yes I agree the Studios do look cheap. Maybe I should hang on for a few days to see what Dell has in the pipeline...
laptops are not usually very good for gaming, so i guess you will be useing it for multimedia and work maybe?
the studio is actually made of magnesium alloy, which is the same as the xps, well thats what the dell rep said.

i think dell are getting rid of the xps as it serves the same purpose as the studio which is multimedia but the m1530 looks sleek while the studio dosent.
i am looking for a good entertainment/multimedia laptop and will wait a few weeks.

i want a large screen as i want multimedia so a 16"+ is for me, unless dell come out with a new xps thats like a m1640 (highly unlikely as they said they are removeing the xps line alltogether) , i will probably get a sony vaio fw which is very good.

i think i will probably get a vaio FW as dell seem to charge quite a bit for a decent studio and the vaio fw is about the same price. then is personal choice and whichever you like.
i think the vaio looks way better compared to the studio, its lighter, sony, got a good full widescreen, as powerfull, nice keyboard and so on.
personally i think the vaio beats the studio in every way and you can have it now

take a look at the sony vaio fw11e, its quite good and looks nice. plus its got a full widescreen 16.4" (16x9) screen and a nice keyboard. its got the new centrino 2 processors aswell and you get it in 3-4 days with dixons, unlike dell.
once dells new laptop comes out, loads of people will buy it and it usually gets a 4-5 weeks waiting time, thats what happened with the studio so once they release the new processors, dont expect it right away

£720 in dixons and £690 in pixmania with vouchers(although its £9 delivery).

I always check the website [url]www.dmxdimension.com[/url] which lists the best dell deals.

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