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Found 11th Jan 2009
Hi guys,

I've been looking at the Dell XPS One computer and really like it.

I understand that it was on offer at £400 last month, but I've missed out on that.
It's £500 odd on the PC World and Currys site, but seems to be extremely limited depending on the area.
Does anyone know if there's anyway of getting this from either of the stores?
Or do you think it may be on offer at anytime?
Don't fancy paying £700 through Dell.

Cheers Andy.


Hi, I used to work at currys and we could check stock in all the local branches and pc worlds and you could either pick it up from said branch or in certain circumstances we'd get it transfered to a closer branch.

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Ahh right okay, so maybe visit my local Currys or PC World and check if it's in stock in any branches across the Uk?

Yeah thats your best bet mate, get the product code of the site and ask them to do a search.

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Alright thanks.
Get the feeling though that it won't be available virtually anywhere.
Maybe I get lucky.
Cheers for your replies.

I contacted Currys yesterday regarding stock levels of the XPS One. I was informed that this item had been reduced in order to get rid of excess stock. The salesperson stated this item was now a discontinued item from Dell?

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Ahh right, I may get in touch with them then. See if there's any possible way to get one for around that price, don't fancy paying £700+.

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Does the Dell.com site ship to the UK?
That would work out cheaper than the UK site.

It's unlikely. Keep an eye on [url]www.dmxdimension.com[/url] though, that site is usually pretty quick at posting the latest Dell deals.

Recently got a Dell XPS One myself (it's for my step-dad, but I took delivery of it while he's out of the country), and it's a very impressive machine. Comes with a lot of kit and some nice extras, and it's well-featured. Could do with a faster CPU and more RAM, but it's decent enough in its standard spec. It's not as quiet as the Apple iMacs, but it's still much quieter than most standard PCs and it does have a lot of stuff built-in, so it's easily forgiveable.

Only thing I would recommend is that if you do get hold of one, do a clean install of Vista and then just use the driver disc provided to get everything working again. It's so much quicker since I did that, it was pathetically slow out-of-the-box and didn't even have Service Pack 1 installed.
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