Dell's Return/Refund Policy?

Found 8th Sep 2007
Hello all,

Was just wondering if anyones had any dealing with returning items to Dell that you arnt happy with.

Just I had my Vostro 1500 delivered in the week and Im not to sure Im very happy with the quality of the screen. Vertical viewing angle is horrendus on it.

So am I entitled to return this at no cost to myself for a full refund?

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Yes you are entitled to a full refund. Just call up Dell explain the screen is rubbish and that you want a full refund.
how long is this allowed for.. do I have so many days to request this?
Have you read the information supplied with your computer?

I would expect it to be there.
Theres a 7 day no questions money back guarentee.
I heard that with the vostro its extended to 30 days but this may only be for the US so dont delay calling Dell up.
Yeah im 90% sure its only 7 days.

I have a vostro.
As people have said, you are indeed entitled to a refund within 7 days of delivery. It's a requirement under the Distance Selling Act that Dell are obliged to honour.

I just wanted to chip-in that if it has been more than 7 days, when you call up, begin by saying, "Hi, my service tag is: xxxxx2J. I phoned with regards to returning this system a few days ago, and I was just wondering what the status of the return is? I'm still waiting for someone to pick the system up". Reason I say this is that Customer Care are notorious for not logging cases, and they'll buy this little fib without hesitation.
dxx, are you having alot of returns of the vostro?
No idea - it's the Indians in Customer Care who deal with returns, we Technical Support-staffers just fix them.
i just don't know if im being to fussy bout the screen... but 635 is a lot of £££ when your not 100% happy with a purchase.
ring tech support i have the vostro 1700 and asked the lady on the phone whats been the biggest problems with the computers she said the screens on the vostro 1500 .. apparently they come up grainey.. she said that dell are going to replace all the screens once they get the go ahead from the LCD manufacture or something so its defo worth giving them a call.!!
I've gotton used to it now, although still catches my attention everynow and again depending on the colours on screen.

Anyone else heard that Dell are going to offer to replace the screens on the 1500?

Might have to give them a ring.
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