Found 11th Jul 2008
Just curious to ask, with Dell's Vostro series, what sort of accent does the Tech Support line speak with?

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From my experience it was either a pakistani or indian accent (i cant tell the difference being an ignoramous) but only very mildly accented, and also very helpful, so no problems from the ones ive spoken too, ive had more trouble trying to understand a geordie on the phone.

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Ah, excellent. I was hoping that this'd be the case. I really can't stand the celts Dell insist on hiring - they just can't seem to grasp that when I call up to have something fixed, I don't want to be asked how my day's been and then engage in fifteen minutes of polite small-talk, I just want to get whatever I called up about fixed. I don't really do the whole, "Hey yay, let's be friends! On a totally cynical and superficial basis, just so you'll like me too much to give me a bad survey!" thing.

India FTW.
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