Delonghi Brillante White Toaster - Please help find cheapest!

    As a first time buyer, we move in to our new house on the 27th - just 17 days away. We need a toaster to match our DeLonghi Brillante White Kettle - We really want a Delonghi Brillante White Toaster but can't find it any cheaper than £44.99 at argos. Can anyone help with anywhere else at a better price, or with discount codes please!?

    Thank you!


    Tesco have it at same price plus you get points if that helps! You may have coupons you can use

    34.57 on Amazon for a 'Good' Warehouse one - I'd give it a go - you can send it back if it's not 'good' enough...

    I got the machine toaster/kettle combi, paid full price buy worth the money:) good choice

    if you have the kettle then you should know how badly designed it is , and should know better than wanting to get the toaster!
    I unfortunately do have the set - and the toaster is not very good, I have red to match the tiles!
    my toaster is uneven and some of the buttons stopped working after a year - ok it's not the worst but for the money there is much better, my latest addition is the red coffee machine and that seems ok, but delonghi do not make quality items - although the after service help is very good (you will get to use that)!

    I was surprised that 90% of toaster are too small for some of the slightly larger sized breads like Roberts hovis and even the Kingsmill doesn't fit in them. I don't understand why toaster manufacturers are so incompetent after looking at loads of different toaster to find one that bread fits into properly either that or 4 slice toaster but that seems waste of electricity
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