Found 10th Jun 2008
Ive been asked by a private nursing home to give a talk on dementia to care officers. ive no idea how much to charge, any nurses out there able to help?

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Sorry guys, should have said, im a CPN with ten years experience in the dementia field

Do the nurses have dementia? cos if so you can charge them twice and they wont rememebr

ermmm dno dad gives talks on dementia all the time but he sells a dementia drug soo...

It rather depends on how many people you are lecturing to and how long it is going to take.

Why don't you contact one of the registered/recognised bodies that run training courses and get an idea of what they charge?

Who are you running this through?
Are course certificates going to be issued or is it just a general introduction?

Seems odd to me that the nursing home doesn't appear to already be running courses through registered bodies, or are they?
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