Demonoid invite code

    A shameless request but i've just missed the boat on open invites to demonoid!
    If somebody could pm me with an invite code i'd be very happy

    Thanks in advance

    [edit: received with thanks!]


    Hi, I am in exactly the same situation as you. Im new to this but have checked up for the last couple of weeks on which is the safest and best site to use. Definitely seems to be demonoid. I was wondering if you know when they allow registration? Is it just a random process?


    They pick a random day every week but invite codes are how most get it, + most of the time they don't actually do their random day.

    Alright thanks. Do you know where is best to look to try and get an invite? is there any specific forums or something along those lines?

    If I had one spare I'd give it to you, I'll have a check of my e-mails tonight for you
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