Denby or Wedgewood Dinner Sets

Found 2nd May 2007
Anyone help on getting Denby or Wedgewood dinner sets at a cheaper price?
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The Denby factory shop in the Denby Visitors centre at Denby is your best bet for cheap Denby.

If you like Denby and aren't too far away (Denby's in Derbyshire) it's well worth a visit.

(Oooer too manys Denby's lol)
just before christmas i picked up a discounted set (6 of everything) of denby parchment at house of fraiser, then a few months ago i got a nice set (4 of everything) of denby jet stripes from TKMaxx. i just kept my eyes open and snapped up everything i could buy as and when i saw it.

its lovely stuff. good luck!
Busybee it maybe useful to know which set you are after. I too have been looking for Denby and have seen the set I want range greatly in price from site to site. If a specific set is wanted then searches can begin!
Wow so many replies - thanks.

The particular ones are the 16/32 piece dinner sets - either Grey Jet or Linen colours would be lovely.
Sorry meant to add how much have you seen them for, then we know whether we are finding a good deal or not and to post or not to post.
Also do you want 1st quality or are you ok with 2nd's?

Bearing in mind that the 2nd's are a hell of a lot cheaper and the faults are mostly unnoticeable.
If you have a ]designer outlet nearby, you migth find a Denby outlet there.
£138 from debenhams for jet 16 piece.

£168 for 20 piece(so works out cheaper) from somewhere, can't remeber but will look again if needed.
Oh btw, Denby have discounts on their glassware at the moment if anyone's interested: ]http//ww…145

Factory shop locations can be found here: ]http//ww…spx But the one in Denby is by far and away the best one, they sometimes have old lines and samples going very cheap, good if it's what you want. I originate from round the corner and everyone has Denby round there :). It's indestructible, even clumsy old me can't break the stuff.
if you don't mind seconds from the factory shop ][COLOR="Red"]this[/COLOR] may interest you for the 'jet' from 11-13th May only

if you don't mind seconds from the factory shop … if you don't mind seconds from the factory shop ][COLOR="Red"]this[/COLOR] may interest you for the 'jet' from 11-13th May only

Everything I have is seconds, you'd never know the difference other than the stamp on the bottom and it'll save you a fortune.

The quality control is quite stringent so faults you'd never notice in use go through as seconds, the firsts literally have to be perfect. Everything else they call a 3rd, they never see the light of day in a shop. If you hadn't already guessed, just like many of the population from round that part of Derbyshire, I used to work there :).
If you are happy to acquire your set as seconds then I can highly recommend a trip to the Denby factory - see the crockery being made while you're there and paint your own custom plate.

The factory shop at Denby has regular extra discounts in addition to the price reductions on second quality, eg 2 for 1.
We obtained much of our Denby using this over a 6-8 period last year when they had a different offer each week - bowls one week, dinner plates the next and so on.

To save many trips to the shop, the staff will take reservations over the phone (you have to pay by card on the phone) and you can collect it all at the end.

Offers are usually shown on the Denby website.
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