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DENON AUDYSSEY Crossover Frequency Setting 200Hz To High? + Dynamic Volume Etc? Help Please.

Posted 12th Aug 2019
Hi All, so I need a little advice , for 2 years I used my present 5.1.2 setup without using the Denon Audyssey at all, everything was set at 0db with a default crossover frequency of 80Hz on all speakers, when I FINALLY decided to try setup using the Denon Audyssey Mic I was actually quite AMAZED how much better my system sounded, however it set majority of my speakers to around -9.5db, some at around -5.5db, sub -10db, I didn't like this so I changed everything back to 0db, however every time I setup using Denon Audyssey is usually sets 5 speakers to 200Hz and in some instances 250Hz crossover and the front height always to 80Hz crossover, fair enough, but is a crossover frequency of 200Hz to high?, so I did some research and like so much else when it comes to the proper crossover its a very subjective debate.

Still I found one article purely based on my actual speakers which highlights that because my 5 small cube-size speakers have a frequency of 150Hz - 22.000hz, I should set all of them to 150Hz Including the LFE, so I did, but the bass sounded to delayed, So I recently changed my 5 speakers to a crossover of 200Hz and my 2 height (Atmos speakers) to 100Hz, and in all HONESTY is sounds pretty amazing perfect I think, I can actually FEEL THE BASS now and notice the surround effects perfectly, but in some instances it feels to much, is the kind of sound experience where you think WOW, but its to much BASS and the neighbors will surely be knocking on the walls.

Now as for my 2 height speakers they have a frequency of 60 -24.000Hz, is setting these to 100Hz to high?

Also on my subwoofer I have 3 knobs, one of PHASE whatever that is, which I have set at 0. Volume which is set at 50% and CUT-OFF which start at 40 all the way up to 200 which is set just shy of 200Hz, does this sound correct?

Why does Audyssey set some speakers into -9.0 db etc? why is this, and is is a good thing or a bad thing to change them back to 0db?

Also what about Dynamic Volume, I usually have this set to LIGHT? personally I think it sounds great, but reading some forums, they say using Dynamic Volume compresses the sound and your losing detail is this true? I also always have the REFERENCE setting on... I never change it to flat or bypass.

To conclude my settings are NOW as follows.

Crossover Frequency for 5 speakers (front L/R, center & surround) at 200Hz with a crossover of 100hz for the 2 front height speakers and finally the LFE at 150Hz, is that OK or is it all to high?

Apparently the lower the crossover the better, is this true? what do you find works best, do you think having some of your speakers into the minus decibels range works better and should you always accept the Denon Audyssey settings without changing them for the best sounding experience?

Any suggestions & help appreciated. Thanks.
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