Dental & GP system is a mess

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Found 2nd Nov 2007
So only when you need something do you find out how bad things really are.

Needed a dentist, got charged multiple times with a combination of NHS and private charges (because some dentists like to mix charges up). A tooth extraction virtually wholly under the NHS has now cost £120 because of having to go to different dentists i.e. the unification of healthcare is virtually non-existent.

Booked to see the doctor. 1 month waiting time apart from emergencies.

The charges are phenomenal. One dentist quoted £800 just to save a tooth.

Clearly the market is not saturated yet, and I think it would be great if Britain didn't actually deport professionals from countries like say India like it has done. Competition is a good thing. Take that away and people are cornered.

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well , all i can say the system where i live is great, couldn't be better.

if i ring doctors surgery in the morning always guareenteed to be seen that day, very efficient.

and our local hospital is very good too, weather it be any emergency or out patients. they only thing we are struggling with is they want to down grade our local hospital, but not without a fight!

my eldest got ran over on wednesday night hes age 20 and the ambulance was out within 5 min and the treatment he got from paramedics and all the doctors and nurses in a&e was fantastic.

so reallyt i'm not one to complain, suppose just lucky where you live!
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