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    My wife needs an implant at some point in near future which could cost around £2000. Also she has a number of crowns so a long term dental plan would be a good option.

    Does anyone know a good dental plan which would cover a large chunk of the cost of the implant being paid out?


    I thought you had to be assessed, they would see how much work was involved and you would pay accordingly?

    you are not going to save much, most dental plans won't pay out much more than the contributions made. I suggest to put your money in some sort of investments for few years to pay for the work

    Go abroad and get it done do your research

    Have a look at Denplan, they seem to be the one most dentists recommend/offer.

    You do have to go for a checkup with a dentist who will then advise on the cost, so they may well spot the upcoming issue and either charge large amounts a month or refuse you cover..

    I'm not even sure what they cover exactly, but my partner signed up to it at i think £15 a month, which gets her 2 checkups a year and a hygienist, usually costing around £200 a year anyway as its a private dentist, plus crown work she's just had done.. So so far she's up on what it would have cost without.

    Lisa needs braces.

    Denplan are great. However you will find any decent dentist who is part of denplan will actually video inside your mouth and give you a guided tour. They will notice any work required and this would need to be completed before going on to the fixed monthly fee where treatment is free. The free checkup and hygienist is only free after one year of denplan.
    I pay about £14 a month and get 10% off any treatment I require.

    usdaw union if u are a member


    Lisa needs braces.

    Very disappointed anyone replied with anything but this...

    I have Denplan and it works pretty well. My premium has gone up after a couple of root canals were required. Be aware that cost of hardware like bridges and crowns are not included, just the dentists time to fit them.
    Also, unless you pay extra, new implants are excluded.
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