Posted 28th Sep 2022
Could anyone in the group please suggest me best medical plan or insurance to cover up my dental treatment?

I would like to claim immediately.

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    I doubt you’ll get cover for pre existing conditions. 
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    I would like to claim immediately....

    someone can't look for life insurance after the person dies....
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    simply heath
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    Go to goa or turkey and get ur nashers sorted there, cheap as chips…XD
    Any dental practice recommendations in Turkey?
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    From memory you need to wait a period prior to claiming. Envious you think the world works like this. I’m with simply health, not sure if others are better though. (edited)
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    Looking for a private dentist myself and Denplan seems to offfer the most comprehensive cover as you can level it up to cover treatment whereas the others I have seen only offer 10% discounts on (expensive) treatment
    Denplan prices vary depending on the practise. I've been with them about 8 years, after an NHS dentist gave me 2 fillings and wanted to remove a tooth and I wanted a second opinion, the private dentist took x-ray's and gave me a free consultation, apparently I was in early stage of gum disease and it was recoverable without removing the tooth.

    I signed up to denplan and haven't regretted it. I get to see the dental hygienist in the package too.
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    Use Unam dental though work but only covers up to NHS cost unless you pay more monthly