Dental tooth bonding advice needed

Posted 6th Nov
Hi all I live in Portsmouth (although happy to travel) and have been interested in getting this dental work done (I don’t want or need veneers) - any idea how many teeth are usually bonded, rough costs, duration etc - basically any advice would be great - thanks
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No veneer in 'ere.

I had 6 teeth bonded, it looked great at first but they soon started chipping. I paid £120 per tooth + £200 lab charges (I had impressions taken so the dentist could follow them. Would I recommend it? On the teeth either side of my front 2 then yes, any others then no.
I paid £420 for two teeth bonding. But that was at a private dentist which was abit posh so abit pricey. So i assume thats probs the max end price bracket.
Here's the "advice" I posted the other day for someone considering traveling for dental work;

There was a young man on the net,
Who's teeth you would rather forget,
He didn't want to pay,
So he went far away,
Then his new teeth fell out on the jet
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I got my 2 front teeth done under my Denplan scheme as they were deemed heavily discoloured by the dentist. Very pleased with the result.
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