Posted 8th Dec 2022
Hi everyone.

Just wanted to know what everyone else is doing with regards to dental care and being seen by dentists. Since covid I haven't been able to find any local dentists which accept patients under the NHS scheme.

It seems as if most have just become private only. But the fees are ridiculous.

What is everyone else doing? Just avoiding the dentist completely?
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    I was in same situation ( had an accident needed to remove FRONT TOOTH and have a implant to put in or crown bridge that was my only options ). My polish mate told me that polish dentists are excellent ,reliable and cheap comparing to ours. He was going for holiday and I decided to book a hotel and go for a week with him . He booked me first check-up apointment (more like assess the damages and costs ) .It was right at the beginning of pandemic in EU but we still could get out/in without hassle. I had done implant for 1200£ which look like my own tooth , you can't see that's an implant what was important for me because seen people with 'implants' or 'crowns' which look terrible.... Done whole check-up(3D full mouth picture, cleaning , assessment of rest of my teeth , which 3 needed new filling and 2 roots canal treatments) that cost me all together 600£. Till this day I'm going once a year(obviously after we could move freely post pandemic ) in winter for full-check up (didn't do NOTHING from that time) , but keeping on top of it , every year no excuses .

    I'm not fuss about hotels I book cheap Bed&Breakfast thinking that after dentist will not be in mood for eating :D:D.
    Winter flights are MAD CHEAP ! This year, been last week of November paid 30£ for BOTH WAYS with WizzAir.

    Really happy with the clinic and never gone back to NHS dentist , difference is MASSIVE (equipment, how you getting treated).

    If you need immediate attention go to Charles Dental Clinic Sheffield (if you close by of course ) they are great , but they do NOT take care of regular dental patients (cleaning , filling , roots etc.) they do extractions, surgeries .
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    Went yesterday for root canal and two other fillings. Took 1 hour 50 mins and charged about £62. Bargain.
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    Actually been to mine this morning (Wales).
    A gold half cap became dislodged when I was eating a Wine gum!
    Phoned on Monday and seen this morning.
    Cap refitted and teeth checked all for £14.70.
    The checks ups with them are now annually unless you have other problems that need monitoring.
    Great price. I am not sure if nhs prices vary in the uk but in England the minimum charge is more than you paid
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    Been on Denplan since our dentist left the NHS. Wife is paying £18.40 which is the lowest band, I'm on £28 as my teeth are less good. Covers 2 check ups and most treatments bar cosmetic or implants. My dentist charges about 2000 for an implant. By comparison, a reputable Spanish dentist I saw in October after an accident on holiday charges 1300 euros for the same treatment. The cost of private dentistry and medicine is scandalous in the UK. I did have the implant fitted in Spain, but not the crown which I'll do here, for 700 euros. Painless and no problems after.
    Never heard of denplan before. Is this a monthly fee?
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    I've cut sugar out of my diet, bonus on my wallet and waistline too It wasn't easy, you have to be disciplined and not buy any sugary things when you go food shopping.
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    My NHS dentist is OK. I have a check every 6 months.
    Are they taking new clients? I will travel.
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    My NHS dentist booted me as I didn't make an appointment. I thought they sent an invite and was waiting. Lame I know.
    Haven't found an NHS one since and I can't spare £000s for what I need doing.
    I've been on a waiting list for 2 years now.
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    Dentists in our area aren’t taking on any new patients and some dentist are dropping patients because they never went for the two years they weren’t doing check ups.

    You can get referred hough 101 and then become a patient if you have issues other than that it’s private if you want check ups.
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    Not has a problem with my denist every 6 or 3 months get seen. Only taking on children as new patients no adults. All the staff in the denist seem to have been changed. Everyone including the cleaner since 2020.
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    If your teeth are still in good nick think about joining Denplan, will at least cover the basics and reduce to some extent the cost of any more serious work you might eventually need.
    You could consider self insuring? The only thing I recall about Denplan is that they will cover for accidents whereas most other dental insurance does not. Happy to be corrected on this. In the end I decided not to bother with dental insurance and to self insure instead.
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    I am the same . Applied to join my local dentist and had a first checkup booked but when COVID hit my appointment was canceled and as it was a first checkup, my registration wasn't complete until after that so I was removed . Now it's over a 2 year waiting list and there don't seem to be àny taking patients within a long way.
    Also looking on the governments website states that some dentists miles away are taking people but when you go to apply they all say full and not taking NHS .
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    Our NHS dentist tried booting our son despite them cancelling his appointment time after time,I kicked up a fuss and they changed their decision and haven't cancelled an appointment since of his.

    They booted me and my wife for the same reason but refuse to take us back on which is frustrating.

    I will pay private when I have to or use an emergency dentist if I can but as it stands I don't go for regular check ups.
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    Molar just broke and I managed to find a dentist, join, get an appointment and filling appointment following all within 3 weeks. Sorted my partner and daughter joining as well as passing on a colleagues and her kids application's for them
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    Where are you? There's a few in Birmingham taking new NHS patients
    North London. I have made a few calls but seems as though all are saying no the moment I mention nhs
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    I bailed on nhs dentist and use private one. Better treatment and service.
    Depends on your teeth and what you can afford I guess..
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    Been with mine for years only problem they can never make up their minds if it is 6 or 9 months
    went last week for a check-up trouble is now having toothache.

    So ta for the thread most reassuring
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    Just moved back to the south West and the waiting list for a NHS dentist is 8 years. Wish I kept my old dentist in the north!
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    Been with mine for about 10 years with no problems. You can go on a waiting list to join as nhs, a friend did and was accepted after about 6 months so it's a great dentist. There is a general problem in our town with a lack of them though and i believe the local council has stumped up the funds to open some new ones and cover the dentists wage for a year or something like that to help ease the problem.
    I find it quite frustrating that they are charging so much and now just not accepting any one under the NHS.
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    To be fair to the dentists, the Government actually set patient number quotas for NHS dentists so they're hamstrung. NHS dentistry also dictates what materials they can and cannot use. Much better using an insurance product - Denplan or similar. Better get used to the concepts because this is where the NHS is heading right across the board
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    My NHS dentist closed - apparently due to an inability to attract new dentists & rising costs. They sent me a letter saying they would honour existing appointments & do emergency care for the next 3 months. They shut up shop just a week after sending out that letter without warning.

    Was told in the letter to use the nhs website to find a new dentist. There are no dentists within 20 miles of me accepting new nhs patients. I phoned a few to see if they had waiting lists but all said they hadn’t been taking on new nhs patients since covid & had no plans to do so.

    I will have to look into getting some kind of private dental plan in the new year & steer clear of toffees in the meantime.
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