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i got 2 black fillings replaced with white ones, one of which has caused bother since the day i got it done, i went back on monday ( 1 wk after i got it done) the dentist told me that he would seal it and the pain should go away which never happened went back yesterday and now he tells me that i need root canal on the tooth i paid £325 for the white fillings and a sedation ( not a good patient) and now need to pay another £350 . just wondering if anyone knows if this sounds right , cant understand why he didnt know that i need root canal treatment wheni got them done

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that doesnt sound right to me... I am not an expert but common sense says that he should have checked the health of the tooth before capping it with a filling.

Check this website, they may be able to advice if it was a private dentist

if it was a NHS dentist you can complain / get advice from the NHS PALS service - Patient Advice and Liaison Services


I have had similar problems and my NHS dentist did the repairs 'under warranty' if you get me. worth stating he didn't fix it in the first place...

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i dont think by the sound of this that he is going to be fixing it under warrenty as i now need root cancal when i didnt when he put the filliung in, i am wary about moaning to much coz i doo really like him and as i said i am a terriable patient but i dont want to get robbed at the same time ,


so you paid for the white fillings and got them and now you need root canal treatment

completely seperate........whats the problem exactly?

seems a little expensive fopr 2 white fillings but i take it you are private

Dentist completely destroyed my tooth when he was fitting a metal filling, the entire front side came off when he was drilling so I now have a metal nub where my left second premolar should be.

Have to go to the dentist in a few weeks and i'm sure another filling is due and i'm bricking it.


If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, there are three standard charges. The amount you pay will depend on the level of treatment that you need.

NHS dental charges

The three NHS charge bands are as follows:

* Band 1: £16.50. This charge includes an examination, diagnosis and preventive advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, scale and polish and planning for further treatment.
* Band 2: £45.60. This charge includes all the necessary treatment covered by the £16.50 charge, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment or extractions.
* Band 3: £198. This charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £16.50 and £45.60 charges, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

Dental treatment costs explained

If, within two months of completing a course of treatment, you require further treatment within the same charge band or a lower charge band, e.g. an additional filling, you don't have to pay anything extra.

However, if you need further dental treatment after two months of completing an earlier course of treatment, you will have to pay an additional charge.

If your initial treatment is classed as a separate, urgent treatment, it may not be included in any subsequent course of treatment that you require. For urgent dental treatment (including out-of-hours treatment), you will have to pay a separate charge of £16.50.

You will not have to pay for:

* denture repairs,
* the removal of stitches, or
* if your dentist has to stop blood loss.

There is also no charge if your dentist only has to write out a prescription. However, if you pay for prescriptions, you will have to pay the usual prescription charge when you collect your medicines from the pharmacist.

Personal dental treatment plan

Before carrying out any band two or three dental treatment, your dentist should give you a personal dental treatment plan. You will be asked to read and sign the plan, which provides details of the dental work that your dentist is going to do, and the amount that you will have to pay.

If you have discussed having private treatment with your dentist, the details and costs of this treatment will be listed separately on your treatment plan. Before having dental treatment, talk to your dentist about the benefits of the treatment, and any risks that are involved.

Paying for treatment

Your dentist is entitled to ask for your payment at any stage of your treatment. As payment policies vary between practices, ask your dentist about when you will have to make your payment.

Referral to another dentist

If you're referred to another dentist to complete the treatment, you will still only pay one charge. For NHS dentistry, this will be £16.50, £45.60, or £198. You will pay the full amount to the dentist who refers you.

If you are referred to a private dentist (and you accept this option) you will:

* pay the appropriate NHS band charge to the dentist who referred you, and
* pay a fee for the dental work that is carried out by the private dentist who you are referred to.

Well I just called my Daughter who is a Dental Nurse and she has told me that if the root on the tooth is traumatised during treatment it can die and this just happens and is not the fault of the Dentist unless he went to close to the root with the drill.. She has said that the costs quoted are about right with sedation as qualified people and equipment must be present during treatment.

She also said that you must ask if the replacment filling is included in the root canal but be aware if its on a molar it will need a crown.
Any other questions PM me and I will pass it on to my Daughter.

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i was a private patient and in response to your previous comment my problem is that why wasnt it noticed that i needed root canal before or during my treatment not a week after getting the white filling

you cant get white fillings on the nhs unless its on the front of your tooth ie tooth has been chipped, all other white filling have to be done private as its classed as cosmetic , dentist can charge whatever they want to for white fillings so it pays to shop around

If it is a back out of sight tooth get it pulled as if its been filled already and needs root doing it will fail again later for sure. Pulling is quicker, less painful and solves the problem for good and it will be cheaper!

u will have to pay another 300 quid for a white crown after the root canal too it think, i had a root canal done not tht long ago and am getting a silver crown cos its free :lol:



you cant get white fillings on the nhs unless its on the front of your … you cant get white fillings on the nhs unless its on the front of your tooth ie tooth has been chipped, all other white filling have to be done private as its classed as cosmetic , dentist can charge whatever they want to for white fillings so it pays to shop around

you can get white fillings on the nhs and my brother has just had all his silver 1's changed for no other reason than the dentist offered, he was charged at the set nhs prices around 30/40 quid each but i think he had a couple done for the 1 price , both times he went

so it seems its upto the discretion of the dentist
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